80 Bullets

The installation ’80 BULLETS’ is related to the shootings of a family car by the Brazilian Army in Rio de Janeiro on April 7th of 2019, which cost the life of Evaldo dos Santos Rosa.

Célio Braga (1965) lives and works in both Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and São Paulo (Brazil). In his work, he deals with both the private and the political, and it often concerns the fragility of the human body in relation to the passing of time, on subjects as love, desire, loss, death and mourning which are constantly shifting between shimmering hopefulness, formalism, bold decoration, concentrated minimalism, existential torment and abstraction.

The exhibition is produced with fundings from Kulturrådet and IASPIS.

In a country driven by violence and injustice against people of color, HBTQ people, women, indigenous Brazilians and the poor, the death of Evaldo dos Santos Rosa is one of thousand crimes that will go unpunished and forgotten.

Célio Braga says: For me personally, the installation ’80 BULLETS’ is a memorial against violence and forgetting, a way to fulfill a symbolic justice to those silenced by violence and injustice, for the struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.

The installation ’80 BULLETS’ consist of 165 objects made from textiles, depicting 80 bullets, 80 blood

drops, 80 tear drops, a black face, a black Brazilian Flag, 27 stars (representing the 27 states of Brazil) and a few other objects related to religious symbols of violence and faith, wounds and bleeding scars, a bleeding cross, an open heart, a mask with red eyes, bleeding torns, a hand with stigmata and a knife with blood.

The objects are presented on the walls of Barklund & Co in the tradition of ’Ex-Votos’* displays and altar traditions. *Ex-Votos: is a votive offering to a saint or to a divinity, given in fulfillment of a vow or in gratitude or devotion.