Do it yourself

BOOM! is a female separatist artist group working with glass. Their aim is to create new opportunities for a feminist platform within their field of glass. The group members are Sara Lundkvist, Nina Westman, Matilda Kästel, Ammy Olofsson and Erika Kristofersson Bredberg. 

In their project "Empowerment", that is all about sisterhood, power and self-esteem, BOOM! have built a mobile glass studio from scratch, all in line with their philosophy and do-it-yourself spirit. The mobile glass studio gives BOOM! the opportunity to hold workshops and showcase glass blowing in new places and for new audiences.

Produced with financial support from Kulturrådet and
Stockholms stad.

In connection to constructing the mobile studio BOOM! have published a book, that in a playful way tells about the whole process. The book is illustrated by Emma Rendel, with graphic design made by Parasto Backman.

During Stockholm Craft Week there will be a workshop in connection to the exhibition. Saturday 5th October,
7-15 year participants, will get to try blowing glass with the members of BOOM! in their self-built mobile glass blower studio.